The study of Chemistry in Stage 6 enables students to develop an appreciation and understanding of materials and their properties, structures, interactions and related applications. Through applying Working Scientifically skills processes, the course aims to examine how chemical theories, models and practices are used and developed.

Year 12 students:
develop knowledge and understanding of equilibrium and acid reactions

develop knowledge and understanding of the applications of chemistry.

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to the study of motion. Students examine energy in its different forms, and how we describe and measure electricity and magnetism and their interrelated effects.

The study of Mathematics Standard in Stage 6 enables students to develop their knowledge and understanding of what it means to work mathematically, improve their skills to solve problems relating to their present and future needs and aspirations, and improve their understanding of how to communicate in a concise and systematic manner.

This course is designed to develop in students the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to solve problems through the creation of software solutions.

The Information Processes and Technology Stage 6 course, teaches students about information-based systems. It covers the processes of collecting, organising, analysing, storing and retrieving, processing, transmitting and receiving, and displaying, as well as the technologies that support them. With this background, students will be well placed to adapt to new technologies as they emerge.